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sihanoukville, cambodiaSihanoukville information about the city, hotels, diving, beaches, islands, Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia.

golden lion roundebaud, sihanoukville in cambodia.The provincial Capital which is also named Sihanoukville, is a Harbor Town on a small peninsula southwest from Phnom Penh.

Here you can find hotel,  guesthouse, island, beache, resort, tour, bar and entertainment Information.

Untouched beaches on the nearby tropical Islands are the main feature which attracts Cambodian people and foreign visitors.

suntours robert video.Hotels Bungalows and Resort have been build since 2013 on a few Island in front of the town. Tourist can use Water-taxis to the near Islands , Koh Rong Samloem and Koh Rong Island. Enjoy ocean fishing, snorkeling and diving. There are now enough suppliers.

frogman divingSihanoukville Beaches

koh ta kiew island beachBeaches Snookyville that line the contour in the west of the city from north to south are the Victory Beach, Lamherkay Beach, Koh Pos Beach, Independence Beach, Sokha Beach, Serendipity Beach, Ochheuteal Beach and Otres Beach. Most popular are Ochheuteal and Sokha beach.

A little more choice of accommodation offers Koh Ta Kiev Island.

The Peninsula is separate from the central plains through the Damrei Mountains, mainly the Bokor.

The Ream National Park, the islands of Koh Sei and Koh Thmei with the Koh Thmei Resort are all in the Province Sihanoukville in Cambodia.

city centerThe town of Snookyville in Cambodia can be reached from Phnom Penh on National Route 4,from Kampot province on the NR 3. From the Koh Kong province on the NR 48 at the intersection Phnom Penh – Sihanoukville.

sihanoukville-toursm-video001The city center is situated among hills in about the middle of the peninsula. It contains the banks, the market and other shops. The post office and the bus stop are located at some distance towards the port.

king norodom sihanoukville, cambodia.The province is named after the former King Norodom Sihanouk and grew with the construction of the port facility in Sihanoukville which started in June 1955.

The occasion was the loss of the former Cambodian Kampuchea Krom Province port city of Saigon which became South Vietnam after the departure of the French. To date, Sihanoukville is the only deep water port in Cambodia.

The Sihanoukville International Airport, is about 15 km from the city center.

sihanoukville, cambodia airportThe airport currently has only limited passenger flights between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh with the Cambodia Angkor Air.

Angkor brewery headquarters in Sihanoukville, Cambodia.The city of Sihanoukville in Cambodia is also known as location of the main production facility for Cambodia’s national Angkor Premium Beer brewed by “Cambrew Ltd..”


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