G’day Mate

G’Day Mate Guesthouse, bar and restaurant in Sihanoukville down town.

g'day mate guesthous and restaurant in sihanoukville, cambodia.The G’Day Mate Guesthouse in the City of Sihanoukville is providing simple low-cost rooms from 8 US dollars.

g'day mate-clipWith a fridge, TV, fan and air conditioning, the rooms are reasonably furnished at this price. The Guest House offers a laundry service, bike rental, boat and bus tickets for sale.

open 24 hourBar and restaurant in G’Day Mate Guesthouse.

Who is still hungry at night and want to drink something does not have to leave the house. The popular bar downstairs is open 24 hours.

The full bar offers good food, a great selection of drinks, good music and all at reasonable prices.

Since 2014 the inn boasts a rooftop bar, open from 01:00 pm to 01:00 am at night.


Location: City Centre, Ekareach St., Sihanoukville, Cambodia.


Tel: + (855) (0) 12-280 947
Tel: + (855) (0) 16-461338

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