High Point Rope Park

High Point Rope Park Koh Rong Island

high point rope park koh rong island - climb like Tarzan in the jungleHigh Point Rope Park the adventure park on Koh Rong Island in Sihanoukville is ideal for vacationers who want sporting.

There are, for example, a hanging on the ropes. koh rong island, sihanoukville cambodia.climbing frame with 20 ropes hanging in the jungle among the trees. Each presentation is a different challenge. All of them require flawless balance.

  • Fly at a height of 24 meters in a barrel between the trees.
  • The entire length of the stages – more than 400 meters.
  • Maximum altitude levels – more than 20 meters.
  • Longest bridge – 44 meters.
  • The longest zip line – 120 meters.

The High Point Rope Park Koh Rong was built by a team of professional industrial climbers with many years experience of design and installation of rope parks in the world.

All the designs in the High Point Rope Park, the materials and the safety margin from the highest possible payload was exceeded repeatedly. It does not matter whether you are a dwarf or a giant. The ropes will keep you protected.

The route in the johrongisland-sihanoukville-cambodia.High Point Rope Park Koh Rong Island, Sihanoukville Cambodia, is equipped with a security system. At the beginning of the tour everything is explained in a safety briefing. During your time on the course, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules.

This is a statement of the operator from High Point Rope Park Koh Rong Island!

The safety of the guests, is and will remain the top priority.

The safety equipment that is used is by the Italian company Camp. The company Camp is one of the leading companies providing equipment for working at height. All security bonds, carbines and helmets are certified by the International Association of mountaineers of UIAA.

During the first visit in High Point Rope Park Koh Rong You are accompanied by a teacher.

sihanoukville-kohrongisland-ropeparkThe Instructor gives the first basic training instructions you need for the course. He is watching you carefully while you are in the trees and is ready to help you at any time.

During your time on the ropes course you have to follow the instructions of the escort team. Please remember that at a constant neglect of the safety regulations of the visit to the High Point Rope Park will be cancelled.

For your visit to the park, it is better to wear simple clothes. No clothing that constricts and Disabled. Shorts are fine. Pay attention to the selection of shoes. Gym shoes or sneakers are best.

High Point Rope Park: Soar over Koh Rong.In High Point Rope Park From tree to tree. What an adventure.

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