Koh Rong Island

Koh Rong Island Sihanoukville

koh rong islandKoh Rong Island extends from southeast to northwest, is shaped somewhat elongated and covers an area of  78 square km.

This is the largest island off the coast of Sihanoukville in Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand with nice beaches.

Koh Rong Island Information

koh rong island, sihanoukville cambodia.The terrain of Koh Rong Island in Sihanoukville is mostly hilly with a fairly large mountain in the northwest of the island. The island has numerous bays and estuaries, the interior of the island is almost completely wooded and has a range of seasonal waterfalls.

Koh Rong Island has about 43 kilometers of beach with no less than 23 beaches of varying length and color – of (predominantly) white to pink sand. Protruding capes and impressive sandstone rock formations add to the picturesque panorama of the island.



koh rong island, sihanoukville, southern coastline .The southern coastline is exposed to the weather and the open sea, looks particularly spectacular. The north coast of Koh Rong Island, which is located opposite from the mainland, is characterized by a series of rolling hills with gently sloping beaches. Bays and several small islands and reefs offer a wealth of natural environment for a variety of marine life.

The center of the island is a flat “belt” of sediments, which connects the two hills of southeast and northwest.

There are four villages on the island of Koh Rong in Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tuich in the south, Prek Sway and thumb Skeuw in the Northeast and Soksan in the northwest.

Koh Rong Island Hotels, Guesthouses, Bungalows and Resorts list


koh rong island, gulf of thailand.koh rong island







3-stone-bungalows koh-rong list3 Stone Bungalows

3 Stone Bungalows Resort complexes have 17 handmade bungalows directly on the white sand beach on the Island of Koh Rong Island and read more.




akas guesthouse, koh rong islandAkas Guesthouse

Akas Inn is located next to the Jetty on the TUI Beach on Koh Rong Island with just seven rooms and read more.




broken heart guest houseBroken Heart Guesthouse

Broken Heart Gueshouse, BHGH, Sok San Beach, Koh Rong Island  at the southern end of the beautiful long Sok San Beach on the island of Koh Rong in Sihanoukville and read more.




angkor chom bungalows - sihanoukville cambodia.Angkor Chom Bungalows

Angkor Chom Bungalows, Restaurant and Bar on the island of Koh Rong in Cambodia. The owner opened his bungalow guest house in January 2011 on the beach of the small village and read more.



 kohrong island, sihanoukville cambodia


cocos bungalow resortCocos Bungalows Resort

Cocos Bungalow Resort Koh Rong Island, is the first Resort that you see coming from the pier. Coco is located at one end of the beach near the village of Koh Touch and read more.




happy bungalows koh-rong.Happy Bungalows

Happy bungalows on Koh Rong island. The straw covert wooden Bungalows just a few meters away from the sea and read more.




kohrong island, sihanoukville cambodia


koh rong backpackers hostelKoh Rong Backpackers Hostel

Koh Rong Backpackers Hostel opened in late 2012. Built on a pier with stilts, it is one of the cheaper accommodation options on Koh Rong Island. There are several dormitories and read more.




la mami - koh rong - sihanoukville - cambodiaLa Mami – Restaurant – Bar – Rooms

La Mami is a romantic place with a wonderful terrace right on the pier, with beautiful views. The operator is Laura an Italian lady who specializes in read more




lazy gecko koh rongLazy Gecko

Lazy Gecko Guesthouse on Koh Rong Island in Sihanoukville and read more.





lonely beach koh rong, sihanoukville, cambodiaLonely Beach

Lonely Beach is a small and secluded beach bungalow resort in a bay in the north of the island. Koh Rong is one of the finest Cambodian islands in the Gulf of Thailand and read more.




monkey island koh rong, cambodiaMonkey Island

Monkey Island was opened in December 2010, in cooperation with the Monkey Republic, Sihanoukville, on the island of Koh Rong. Thus, the Monkey Island resort attracts and read more.




palm beach koh rong island, cambodiaPalm Beach Bungalows

Palm Beach Bungalow Resort was built on a pristine coast of Koh Rong Island, Prek Svay Village, Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Bungalows were carefully designed to ensure minimal impact on the environment and read more.



 kohrong island, sihanoukville cambodia


oaradise bungalows, beachParadise Bungalows

Paradise Bungalows Koh Rong Beach Resort complex is located, as the name suggests, right on the beach. Built on the island of Koh Rong in the Gulf of Thailand and read more.




pura vita resort koh rong island, sihanoukville cambodiaPura Vita Resort

Pura Vita Resort Bungalows on the island of Koh Rong is ideal for people who want to have there peace. Go swimming, snorkeling or take a walk along the coast, away from the bustling pier area of the island. Ideal for a romantic getaway and read more.



rising-sun-112Rising Sun Guesthouse

Rising Sun Guesthouse for backpackers on Tui beach on the southern side of the island Koh Rong and read more.




sok san base camp bungalowsSok San Base Camp Resort Hotel

Sok San Base Camp Resort is located at 7 km long unspoiled beach on Koh Rong Island, Sihanoukville in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The built in Khmer-style bungalows offer fantastic views of the white sandy beach, the turquoise sea water, tropical garden and read more.



sok san beach bungalows, cambodiaSok San Bungalows Resort

Sok San Bungalows Resort is locate at the beginning of the 7 km long beach on Koh Rong Island and has 14 beach bungalows. The resort is a place for travelers who want to get away from the hustle and read more.




songsa bungalows koh rongSongsa Bungalows

Songsa Bungalows Koh Rong, directly on the white sandy beach of the island, in the Kingdom of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand, has 17 bungalows for its guests and read more.




treehous bungalows koh rong islandTree House Bungalows

Tree House Bungalows Resort are located on the north coast of Koh Rong. On a beautiful, quiet and romantic spot on the island. In the Gulf of Thailand and read more.




ashia guesthouse koh rong island. sihanoukville cambodiaAshia Guesthouse

Ashia Guesthouse and restaurant on the island of Koh Rong in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Sihanoukville and read more.




Chorm Piey Sor Guest House Koh Rong Island.Chorm Piey Sor Guesthouse

Chorm Piey Sor Guesthouse offers some simple and quiet accommodation with spectacular views over the Island, the mountains and read more.




natural loungeNatural Lounge

Natural Lounge a little bit of hustle and bustle set back from the main beach with friendly staff. They are always ready to help guests with advice and assistance. Natural Lounge is not a hotel, but a simple clean guesthouse and read more.



bungalow resortKoh Rong Beach Bungalows

Koh Rong Beach Bungalows Resort offers all the benefits of a first class hotel with a private beach. Diving, snorkeling, fishing and read more.




higland-beachbungalows-sihanoukvilleHighland Beach Bungalows

Highland Beach Bungalows Guesthouse on Koh Rong Isla

nd off the coast of Sihanoukville. With rustic double room, balcony, sea views and communal shower. There are also rooms with private bathroom and read more.



easyguesthousekohrong-sihanoukville-cambodiaEasy Guesthouse

Easy Guesthouse located 30 meters from the Koh touch Beach with views of the mountains and the beach. The Guesthouse offers simple rooms and read more.




in the nightGreen Ocean Guesthouse

Green Ocean Guesthouse has quiet and simple rooms with free Wi-Fi access throughout the building and read more.




bungalows and innIsland Palace

Island Palace Bungalows and inn with 9 private rooms and 13 bungalows right on the beach of Koh Rong. Opposite to the boat dock and read more.




view from the bungalows resort to the baeach.Romdoul Koh Rong Beach Resort

Romdoul Koh Rong Beach Bungalows Resort is a relaxing place, away from the hustle and bustle of life, to enjoy the holiday season. The resort has its own private beach away from the backpacker bars and the party scene in Koh Touch. Escape the hustle and read more.



island bungalowsWhite Beach Bungalow Resort

White Beach Bungalow Resort Koh Rong Island consists of nine luxury wooden bungalows. Built on the Tui Beach, on the island and read more.




sea house guesthouse koh rong island, sihanoukville cambodiaSea House Guesthouse

Sea House Guesthouse was built on a pier on the beach of Koh Rong Island in Cambodia. The Rooms furnished with a wooden bed, free Wifi, seating area, fan, mosquito net and read more.




beach viewSmile Bungalow Resort

Smile Bungalow Resort on the beautiful island of Koh Rong with simply furnished bungalow rooms are equipped with a bed, seat, fan, mosquito net and read more.




beach resortSok San Long Beach Bungalows

Sok San Long Beach Bungalows Resort with a private beach, excellent range of leisure facilities and read more.




an inexpensive inn on the beach, koh rong islandWhite Rose Guesthouse

White Rose Guesthouse is a budget backpacker hostel and is located directly on the Koh Touch beach on Koh Rong island and read more.




cambodia-guesthouse-kohrongisland-sihanoukvilleCambodia Guesthouse

Cambodia Guesthouse Koh Rong is located on a hill with a magnificent view over the mountains and a river. On the whole area free Wifi is available. The rooms are equipped with a fan, a mosquito net, a work desk and read more.



coconut-beach-bungalows-resortCoconut Beach Bungalows Resort

Coconut Beach Bungalows Resort in a small bay is a small paradise in Derm Tkov Village on Koh Rong Island.
For vacationers who want to stay in a different way, there is a close to the beach and read more.



coconut-blvd-resortCoconut Blvd Resort

Coconut Blvd Resort on Koh Rong Island, on a quiet white sand beach at the exotic blue sea, offers guests spacious and comfortably furnished rooms with charming bamboo accent and read more.




inn-the-villageInn The Village

Inn The Village Hostel is surrounded by tropical jungle and only 10 minutes away from a beautiful beach. The wooden bungalows with sea view are equipped with a double bed, mosquito net, a private bathroom with shower and read more.





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