Cocos Bungalow Resort

Cocos Bungalow Resort Koh Rong Island

cocos bungalow resort, koh rong island, sihanoukville-cambodiaCocos Bungalow Resort Koh Rong Island is the first Resort that you see coming from the pier.

Coco is located at one end of the beach near the village of Koh Touch. The 15 Bungalows were built on a hillside next to the beach, just 50 meters away from the sea.


The regional rooms at the Cocos Bungalow Resort on Koh Rong Island are spacious and furnished with two comfortable double beds. Up to 4 persons can stay in a bungalow.

ko rong island - sihanoukville cambodiaEach of the 15 bungalows in the resort has its own balcony overlooking the sea or the lush tropical gardens.There are different types of bungalows.

cocos bungalow resort. standart room. koh rong island cambodia.It starts with standard room, exclusive bungalows and finally Eco-luxury style with more privacy and a private bathroom.

The Cocos bungalow resort is the hang out place to hear stories of diving daring and the adventure by boat, while you have one or more beer.

The rustic-style restaurant and the bar of the Coco’s Bungalow Resort Koh Rong Island.

cocos bbqThe Coco bungalow Resort Restaurant is located directly on the beach next to the pier and offers a well stocked bar and a big BBQ.

Go to the Coco bar with the beach Grill. Reserve a place at the table, from 5.00 pm to 11.00 pm , for the nightly BBQ in the barbecue area.

The Italian Grill master serving fresh fish steaks, whole chicken, kebab meat and seafood. There are side dishes such as baked potatoes, salad and vegetarian, don’t miss out. You will experience it, the BBQ on the beach is a fine dining experience.

Visit the BBQ Web site by Coco’s.

Diving at the Cocos Bungalow Resort Koh Rong Island.

koh rong dive center. sihanoukville cambodia.The resort works with the Koh Rong Dive Center. Scuba diving and other activities can be booked directly with the English speaking hotel staff at the resort.

There is more pictures and information about the room and booking options.






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