Koh Thmei Island

Koh Thmei Island Sihanoukville

enjoy a peaceful holidayOn Koh Thmei Island there are only two settlements with little population.

The Taly Village is located on the southeast coast of the larger settlement. Chong Thmei Village located in the northeast.

The approximately eight-kilometer-long and seven kilometers wide island off the coast of Sihanoukville is the habitat of many different species.

koh thmei island. a lot native animalsWatch civets, monkeys, lizards and especially birds. More than 150 bird species make their home in Ream National Park.

The island is part of Ream National Park and located 10 km off the coast of Sihanoukville Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand.

A trip to the Koh Thmei Island offers plenty of bird-watching opportunities. The Fishing Cat lives in the wetlands, near creeks and mangrove forests.

To explore scuba diving, snorkeling, jungle tours, fishing, swimming, kayaking and the area are some of the activities that are offered there.

Who wants to have a peaceful island vacation with a lot of nature in Cambodia should visit the island.

bungalow resort


bungalowClean and well furnished bungalows on Koh Thmei island.

the island is a paradise for birdsHornbill, Eagle, Kingfisher, Butterfly and more.

a turtle on the beachThe island is a paradise for the native wildlife.

There is only one property, which is however recommended that Koh Thmei Resort.


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