Koh Thmei Resort

Koh Thmei Resort on the small island Koh Thmei in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of Sihanoukville in Ream National Park.

beach bungalow from koh thmei resortKoh Thmei Resort on the island of the same name, off the coast of Sihanoukville has, directly on the beach over several bungalows.

bungalow resortAll accommodations are furnished with a private bathroom to western standards.

The bungalow complex is located in the south of the island overlooking the sea. Eagles and dolphins are sighted there regularly.

You can explore the coast during your stay snorkel, swim or kayak.

Spoil yourself in the restaurant by the chef and served at the bar with a cool drink.

kohthmeiisland_turtle-hornbill-butterflyMore detailed information on the arrival Reservation and contact information can be found here on the website of Koh Thmei Resort.


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