Victory Hill

Victory Hill Sihanoukville

victory hill in sihanoukville, cambodiaVictory Hill, Sihanoukville in the Kingdom of Cambodia is a 200m high hill above the Victory Beach near the harbor. With the motorcycle or Tuk Tuk is around 5 minutes to downtown.

In the year 2000 the first two or three foreigners opened the first Guest houses at the Hill. In the first years Victory Hill became a popular meeting place for backpackers of different nations. Simple accommodation, cheap food and drinks were normal.

After a few years, Victory Hill became one of the busiest hotel, guest house and restaurant areas in Sihanoukville.

victory hill sihanoukville, nightlifeThere are now on Victory Hill almost everything. Simple cheap rooms from $ 3, to the very good hotel $ 150th So something for every budget.

food and drinksFood and Drink Victory Hill in Sihanoukville Cambodia

Early risers can visit the first restaurant in the morning at 07.00 clock. From the local Khmer cuisine to the German, French and English breakfast there is a good selection. In the course of the day, then go to the other restaurants of different nationalities. Some places are open around the clock.

The area on the Hill reminds a bit of the Kho San Road. There are small and large businesses, Internet, DVD, books and travel agencies. English is widely spoken.
victory hill, sihanoukvilleDuring the day the area is pretty quiet. After 7 PM, when the Bars and Restaurants open it becomes a bustling Place.

Take care of your valuables on the way to and from the Victory Hill

The last part of Ekareach road that leads to Victory Hill is the part where often night raids happen. A motorcycle comes from behind 2 young Khmer guys sit on it and the guy sitting behind a careless tourists tears his bag away.

When you sit on a motorcycle often leads to a serious accident.
Wear no bags around the body. If you carry any bags on your body, you have a good chance of being attacked after 10PM. The best part is when you drive at night in the city with the Tuk Tuk from Victory Hill.

As everywhere in the world you should generally be cautious.

  • Name: Victory Hill Weather Station Hill
  • Distance to city center: 3 km
  • Distance to the beach Ochheuteal 5 km
  • Pensions: Round 20
  • Hotels: Round 15
  • Bars: Round 20
  • Restaurants: Round 20

Do you want to do something different times during the day? Down at the Victory Beach look at the Party Boat SUN and  Robert of Suntours.

suntours sihanoukville in cambodiaHere is a short film. The party boat SUN, go off the coast of Sihanoukville.


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